Back from southern Madagascar

Earlier this week I returned from my latest trip to Madagacar, and what a trip it was. Full of unexpected things, both positive and negative.
Over time, quite a few pictures from the visit should find their way to this blog; the ones below are just meant to wet your appetites.

Near St. Augustin

Fishing boats going out to sea at day break

Adansonia za

Euphorbia tirucallii

Euph. capsaintemariensis

Operculicarya decaryi

Kalanchoe beharensis

Pachypodium geayi

Pach. horombense

Didierea madagascariensis

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3 Responses to Back from southern Madagascar

  1. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    did you find it safe in Madagascar ? that last one ; what a beauty !!!


    • fransnoltee says:

      We have not had a single moment in which we felt unsafe. Of course, like in other countries, much depends on where you go, how you go there and in general how you behave (no flashing of jewellery, expensive cameras etc.)


      • gwenniesgardenworld says:

        a few years ago we wanted to visit Madagascar but our travelagent told us the governement gave a negative traveladvice and the travelinsurance wouldn’t insure our holiday so we travelled to Costa Rica instead but Madagascar is still on my list….


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