Crassula corallina (part 1: subsp. corallina)

Plants of this subspecies are usually rather short-lived; they occur from southwestern Namibia southwards to Laingsburg and south-eastwards to Queenstown .
The branches are usually lying on the ground and rooting at the nodes.
The leaves are 3-5 mm long and 2-3 mm wide.
In December to April the plants are decorated with cream flowers.



crascoracor 2012-10-03 8005


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One Response to Crassula corallina (part 1: subsp. corallina)

  1. George Hattingh says:

    Halo Frans,

    I have just returned from a trip from Calitzdorp, Beaufort West, up the Molteno pass then right on a dirtroad to Frazerburg, Sutherland, then a dirtroad over the Ouberg pass back to Sutherland the a nother dirtroad to Merweville via the Rooibergpss and back to Calitzdorp where I saw numerous of these crassulas.



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