Stomatium difforme (part 2 of 2)

These pictures were taken in June and July (winter).

stomdiff 2009-07-03_DSC2046
stomdiff 2009-07-03_DSC2051stomdiff 2009-06-06_DSC1958stomdiff 2009-07-03 2049
stomdiff 2007-07-03_DSC2047

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2 Responses to Stomatium difforme (part 2 of 2)

  1. Love your pics Frans, would love to include this and some in my book


    Robn Frandsen


    • fransnoltee says:

      Thanks for your comment, Robin. I take it you refer to your book on succulents, but actually I was under the impression that was about to be published.
      You are welcome to use one or more pictures of mine. As I am working on a book on succulents as well (totally different from yours) we might scratch each other’s backs :-). What do you say?


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