Marlothistella uniondalensis

Both species in this genus (the other one is M. stenophylla) are characterized by having thick, branched tap-roots.
In this species the leaves are up to 45 mm long and about 5 mm wide.
The showy flowers are often striped and appear in July/August. At least that is what the literature tells us. The photos below however were taken at the end of October.
The plants occur in open patches in grasslands, fynbos or karroo vegetation from Beaufort West to Uniondale, Prince Albert  and Oudtshoorn. Again: that is according to the literature, but the pictures were taken rather further west, near the northern entrance to the Seweweekspoort.

marlunio 2009-10-31#004

marlunio 2009-10-31#024

marlunio 2009-10-31#026

marlunio 2009-10-31#020

marlunio 2009-10-31#016

marlunio 2009-10-31#006

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