Hereroa odorata

Not many people will get excited, I suppose, by a plant like the one in the first picture.

hereodor 2009-06-06 2002

But when you see the flowers you might well change your opinion.  The first two pictures below seem to be exactly the same. In fact there is a small but not unimportant difference: the first of them was taken with the lens wide open (F2.8), whereas in the second one a smaller aperture was used (F11).  To me the first of the pair has a rather more dream-like atmosphere. What do you think?
In the last one the camera was tilted to give a better view of the beautifully coloured outer petals.

hereodor 2011-07-23  6201

hereodor 2011-07-23 6200

hereodor 2011-07-23 6199

In all species of Hereroa the flowers open in the afternoon or even later. (The pictures were taken at about 5 pm).

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