Haworthia maraisii v. maraisii

Today for the first time after my move, I saw fit to get out to take some pictures in the area.
Several years ago I found plants of Haworthia maraisii v. maraisii on the outskirts of Montagu and as it happens I now live just a few hundred meters from that locality. Although I thought I had a good idea where they grew, I had searched a few times before without spotting them again. That was a bit frustrating, especially because the habitat is along a signposted trail, in open terrain, maybe a hundred meters from a tarred road.
After I found the first plant today, I spent quite a while trying to find more specimens. In the end it became clear that they only occurred on a rocky outcrop of  not more than 3 or 4 square meters.
As the photos will show, the plants are usually well hidden in patches of coarse sand or between stones. In the second photo you will also see Adromischus filicaulis ssp. marlothii.

hawomaramar 20130814-8653res

hawomaramar 130814-8655res

hawomaramar 130814-8659res

hawomaramar 130814-8661res

hawomaramar 130814-8658res


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One Response to Haworthia maraisii v. maraisii

  1. Rick Visser says:

    I’m wondering about the long, stringy, dead material in (especially) the second and third images, toward the left.


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