Rhinephyllum graniforme

Here is an example of how knowing the meaning of the name actually may help to recognise the species. (Rhinephyllum = leaf like a file, referring to the rough surface of the leaves; graniforme = shaped like a grain).  The genus occurs from Laingsburg in the Western Cape northeastwards to the southern tip of the Free State.
The flowers  are rather special in the sense that they open only late in the afternoon or in the evening.
Photographed east of Prince Albert 3 Nov. 2012.

rhingran 8301#2012-11-03res(001)

rhingran 8299#2012-11-03res(001)

rhingran 8306 2012-11-03res(001)

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3 Responses to Rhinephyllum graniforme

  1. Rick Visser says:

    Great photos . . . I love viewing succulents in habitat, and these are particularly striking.


  2. Margaret says:

    Hi Frans. I came across your bolg quite by chance the other day; signed up . . . and am now so enjoying your interesting posts and beautiful photos. Thank you very much for sharing such fascinating information with us all.


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