Senecio sulcicalyx

This interesting little plant from the Richtersveld comes under a variety of names: Curio sulcicalyx, Othonna/Senecio/Kleinia pusilla (pusillus), Senecio klinghardtianus, Senecio iosensis.
The branches are up to 5 cm long and leaves 1.5-2.7 cm long and 0.7-1.2 cm wide. A great part of the plant is underground with rhizomes and thick roots up to 0.5 cm across.

senesulc 8sept2010 077res

senesulc 8sept2010 079res

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3 Responses to Senecio sulcicalyx

  1. what is that white stuff in the background, it looks like ice or is it stone ?


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