Temporary interruption

This week my wife and I will move house from Calitzdorp in the centre of the Little Karoo to Montagu, its westernmost town.
For a plantsman like me that is exciting, because there is a whole new lot of plants to be discovered and photographed. For you it hopefully means that you will be treated to a variety of pictures of new and different succulents.
The bad news is that because of lack of cooperation between Telkom, the telephone company and Mweb, the ISP, we will not have an Internet connection for some time. How much time?  “Time will tell”. Anything from a few days to a few weeks it seems.
I keep my fingers crossed and will start publishing new posts as soon as I can.
Thank you for your patience.


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4 Responses to Temporary interruption

  1. Max Möhr says:

    Hope you will be happy in your new home.
    Can not wait to see what new surrounds will bring!


  2. Good luck with the move! Looking forward to the new posts.


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